Being a Christian at Epping St John's
Epping St John's is a Church of England School, and you will find the symbol of the cross at school. This means that you can expect us to base a lot of what we do on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Assemblies have broadly Christian themes and we also have a weekly theme to focus on.

Epping St John's has connections with local churches and especially St John's Church ( The School's Chaplaincy Team includes staff who are Christians, members of local churches and a Schools Worker from Epping Forest Youth for Christ. There is a group of people who undertake to pray for the School, staff, students and families, each week.

The Governing Body of Epping St John's includes a number of Christians from local churches. There are opportunities to join in Christian clubs and events in the school

The Chaplaincy Team run a number of events throughout the year and have one dedicated activity for every year group to encourage students to grow spiritually as well as academically.  They are focussed primarily on what being a Christian today involves and how Christians share their faith.

There is a dedicated space in the school for chaplaincy and this space provides students and staff with a place to reflect and refocus on their faith or just to provide a calming space.

The members of the Chaplaincy Team are:

Lindsey Brown Epping United Reformed Church
Alison Carmichael Epping Elim Church
Lee Carmichael Pastor, Epping Elim Church
Alison Dolan Parent
Eposi Ewome Staff (Teacher)
Lauren Johnson Epping Forest Youth for Christ
Louise Want Epping Forest Youth for Christ
Michael Yerosimou Staff (Assistant Headteacher)


The Chaplaincy Team seeks to support the work of the school in various ways, for example,

  • Regular prayer for the whole school community
  • Focused events/activities for different age groups, including
  • Year 7:        Teaching a suitably adapted Alpha course in RE lessons
  • Year 8:        Worship Morning
  • Year 9:        Fair Trade games
  • Year 10:      Modern Expressions of Faith
  • Year 11:      A farewell gift