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Cashless Catering and Parent Pay

ESJ use a cashless catering system. Each student can have their Biometric Fingerprint recorded for use to purchase food from the Cafe.

Parents are able to credit their child's account in one of two ways.

Parent Pay
All parents are issued a username and password to log in to the secure and convenient online Parent Pay website
Parents can then credit their child's account online at any time, check the online balance and record of payments made.
Students can top up their dinner with cash at revaluation machine around the school either before school or during break/lunchtime. Parents are able to set a maximum daily spend limit on their child’s account if they wish.
Parent Pay
Parentpay offers parents the freedom to top - up their child's account at any time quickly and easily with a debit or credit card.

The benefits of being flexible, convenient and reduce the need for students to carry large amounts of cash into school.

All parents are issued with a secure online account which is accessed with a unique user I.D and password.

Payments can be made in this way for school trips, dinner money, text books and any other chargeable items.

For further information visit www.parentpay.com
For your user name and password please contact Mrs Reynolds (ESJ Finance Assistant)