Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Epping St John's

The Student Leadership team for the Academic Year 2016 - 2017 has been set up with students in mind.  They are a body of representatives that will put forward and develop ideas on behalf of the entire student body.

The structure of the Student Leadership Team is as follows: 2 Student Headteachers, 4 Student Deputy Headteachers, 1 Student Assistant Headteacher, 2 Student Lead Practitioners, 5 Student Directors of Learning, 5 Student Deputy Directors of Learning, 1 Student SENCO, 1 Student Assistant SENCO and 1 Student Chaplaincy Director.  Each member has an area of responsibility mirroring staff leadership in school.  Many Student Leadership activities will focus on improving the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom, supporting the school's vision, trying new things, finding solutions and embracing their responsibilities.

Aims of our Student Leadership Programme:

  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff towards shared goals.
  • To enable creativity to flourish as the school community benefits from the wealth of experiences, ideas, skills and sense of fun that students bring.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring, challenging and valued projects which impact positively on learning, teaching and well-being for both students and staff at Epping St. John's.
  • To prepare students for Higher Education and for achieving personal and professional excellence in life after formal education.

We are exceptionally proud of all the students who took part in the process.  Throughout the process they exhibited maturity and enthusiasm for the roles they applied for; indeed the calibre of their answers was extraordinary.  We congratulate those who were appointed to the team and we look forward to working in conjunction with our Student Leadership Team in the coming months.

Our Student Leadership Team 2016/2017 is:

Student Leadership Team 2016-17