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Epping St. John’s is a stunning, multi-million pound building with state of the art facilities and learning spaces. The whole design of the new school has been based on our commitment to enhance learning and teaching. We want to build on our strengths and create exciting, engaging and effective learning experiences for our students. To facilitate this staff have been working hard to collaboratively create a bespoke Learning and Teaching framework that both sets out our learning and teaching expectations whilst also guiding our practice.
At the heart of the framework is our desire to ensure consistency that every day, every lesson for every student the learning and teaching is of the highest quality. We have divided our framework into ‘the ways we learn’ and ‘the ways we work.’

Ways We Learn
  • Active Learning - we are pro-active in our learning
  • Collaborative Learning - we work with others
  • Innovative Learning - we create our own learning solutions
  • Challenging Learning - we strive to improve our skills
  • Reflective Learning - we think about how to improve our learning

Ways we work

  • Challenging Attitudes and Perceptions - we overcome barriers to learning
  • Questioning and Listening - we promote deep thinking
  • Self-Regulation - we take responsibility for behaviour for learning
  • Persisting - we build resilience to overcome challenges
We are confident that our new Framework will help to further transform Learning and Teaching at

Epping St. John’s so that we can all aspire, innovate and succeed

charter and T&L newsletters

Click here to view the teaching and learning charter

Name Date File Size  
Issue 1 - Starters 04th May 2016563 KB Download
Issue 2 - Seating Plans 04th May 2016380 KB Download
Issue 3 - D.I.R.T. 04th May 2016568 KB Download
Issue 4 - Routines 28th Apr 2016509 KB Download
Issue 5 - Homework 04th May 2016420 KB Download
Issue 6 - Differentiation 04th May 2016428 KB Download
Issue 7 - Modelling 04th May 2016577 KB Download
Issue 8 - Presentation 09th May 2016434 KB Download
Issue 9 - Student Voice 17th May 2016502 KB Download
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